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About us

Since 2012 we produce breadsticks and snacks with corn flour.

Solo Mais is a young company born in Meduno, a small village in Friuli Venezia Giulia, in 2012. The purpose was to create a new kind of breadstick, different from the ones on the market. This particular product is made with cornflour. Corn is a very common cereal in northern Italy, and it has historically been the staple food of the peasants.

During the first years of activity, the company managed to increase the production hand in hand with the product request. This led Solo Mais to look for a bigger new factory.

Within a year and a half from the opening, the company entered the GDO market: the 100% Italian food chain Eataly, the Carrefour supermarket chain, and other giants of the foreign distribution: Inasa Import and Kleonik.

The new headquarters were found in Meduna di Livenza (TV), on the border between the regions Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. It is an 850 square meter factory, where they produce up to 500 boxes a day, which allowed to increase the production significantly, thus having 25 times the amount of products made in a day. 

At the same rate, the supply of new products raised too and new product lines were created:

  • Bio (certification of ownership and supporting documentation – ICEA) 
  • Choco
  • Pharmaceutical, with the approval of the Health Ministry 

Heart diseases

Yellow corn-based products protect against heart diseases and maculopathy, a degenerative eye disorder.

Skin benefits

Corn starch can be used to realise emollient creams. It is also a great cicatrizant.

Vitamin E

The oil extracted from the grain of corn is rich in vitamin E, and it can be consumed raw. It helps with cholesterol and arteriosclerosis.


Celiac people can consume all the products made of cornflour, to replace wheat flour.

Mind and memory

Thanks to vitamin A, phosphor and iron, corn is good for the mind and the memory. It also acts as an energetic restorative.


Corn is a great ally for your health: it is depurative and diuretic, it fights arthritis and rheumatisms.


Square meter factory


Boxes produced every day


People at work


Types of product

Our staff

In the 850 square meter factory, there are 10 people at work, who are divided into office, production, packaging and logistics management.

Luciano Zanardo

CEO and sales manager

Ketty Zaninotto

Administration and purchases

Patrizia Bottos

Production manager